Little Angels High School is affiliated to Central Board of Education (CBSE) with AFF. NO. 130457 and school number : 57162 of experienced and dedicated teachers. Education at Little Angels is based on the following 5 concepts:

  1. Lab Knowledge: Knowledge is not limited to theory but also practical application.
  2.  Creativity: Groom young minds to think differently and out of the box.
  3.  Self-Discipline: Besides academics,it’s important that students build good character. Good character is essential for success, Self discipline is required to build character.
  4.  Cooperation: Develop the spirit of working together to achieve goals.
  5.  Stupendous Energy:Inspire, drive and channelize the young energy towards achievements.

Sports, Drama, Music, Dance and Yoga & Meditation form a part of the student development plan. All round development of the student is the primary objective of the school curriculum.