The pedagogy focuses on teaching the concepts as well as application of these concepts. Drawing the student’s interest towards learning is what our teaching staff excels in. Our teaching staff goes through a rigorous selection procedure where character, talent and academic ability is put to test.

The Teaching methodology is as follows:

  1. Play – Way: Making learning fun, this ensures that the student retains and learns faster.
  2. Interactive: Two-way communication – Teacher to student and student to teacher. Students are encouraged to participate and interact with each others.
  3. Innovative: Constant effort to present theory and concepts through new and creative methods so that student interest is retained.

A conscious effort is made by the teaching staff to develop the intellectual faculties of the students, create a wider awareness of the world and make way for development of the aesthetic, moral and emotional dimensions. Our teachers explore the innermost recesses of their own mind and elevate the child’s personality by shaping it to become an open, right and above all a strong one.